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Folder.. - 01-Jan-1970 01:00:00
abba dancing queen midabba_​dancing_​queen.mid 78KB 17-Nov-2009 22:31:00
abba fernando midabba_​fernando.mid 88KB 17-Nov-2009 22:31:00
abba the winner takes it all midabba_​the_​winner_​takes_​it_​all.mid 38KB 17-Nov-2009 22:31:00
ace of base happy nation midace_​of_​base_​happy_​nation.mid 54KB 17-Nov-2009 22:31:00
alizee moi lolita midalizee_​moi_​lolita.mid 57KB 17-Nov-2009 22:31:00
america a horse with no name midamerica_​a_​horse_​with_​no_​name.mid 70KB 17-Nov-2009 22:31:00
america the last unicorn midamerica_​the_​last_​unicorn.mid 12KB 17-Nov-2009 22:31:00
amy macdonald this is the life midamy_​macdonald_​this_​is_​the_​life.mid 92KB 30-Aug-2018 02:03:00
anastacia paid my dues midanastacia_​paid_​my_​dues.mid 37KB 17-Nov-2009 22:31:00
ann lee 2 times midann_​lee_​2_​times.mid 55KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
barry manilow mandy midbarry_​manilow_​mandy.mid 23KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
bbe seven days and one week midbbe_​seven_​days_​and_​one_​week.mid 59KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
beach boys wouldnt it be nice midbeach_​boys_​wouldnt_​it_​be_​nice.mid 50KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
beatles michelle midbeatles_​michelle.mid 31KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
billy joel uptown girl midbilly_​joel_​uptown_​girl.mid 54KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
blood hound gang the bad touch midblood_​hound_​gang_​the_​bad_​touch.mid 111KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
bobby mc ferrin dont worry be happy midbobby_​mc_​ferrin_​dont_​worry_​be_​happy.mid 25KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
bob dylan blowin in the wind midbob_​dylan_​blowin_​in_​the_​wind.mid 27KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
bob kames and the happy organ the chicken dance midbob_​kames_​and_​the_​happy_​organ_​the_​chicken_​dance.mid 20KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
bob seger still the same midbob_​seger_​still_​the_​same.mid 35KB 25-Apr-2013 02:00:00
boney m rivers of babylon midboney_​m_​rivers_​of_​babylon.mid 77KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
charly lownoise and mental theo stars midcharly_​lownoise_​and_​mental_​theo_​stars.mid 43KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
christie yellow river midchristie_​yellow_​river.mid 31KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
chris de burgh lady in red midchris_​de_​burgh_​lady_​in_​red.mid 46KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
chris rea road to hell midchris_​rea_​road_​to_​hell.mid 54KB 21-Dec-2012 02:40:00
cutting crew i just died in your arms tonight midcutting_​crew_​i_​just_​died_​in_​your_​arms_​tonight.mid 52KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
daft punk around the world middaft_​punk_​around_​the_​world.mid 18KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
dario g dream to me middario_​g_​dream_​to_​me.mid 60KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
das modul computerliebe middas_​modul_​computerliebe.mid 44KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
das modul kleine maus middas_​modul_​kleine_​maus.mid 59KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
depeche mode enjoy the silence middepeche_​mode_​enjoy_​the_​silence.mid 48KB 17-Nov-2009 22:31:00
depeche mode little 15 middepeche_​mode_​little_​15.mid 14KB 17-Nov-2009 22:31:00
depeche mode somebody middepeche_​mode_​somebody.mid 8KB 17-Nov-2009 22:31:00
depeche mode the things you said middepeche_​mode_​the_​things_​you_​said.mid 24KB 17-Nov-2009 22:31:00
depeche mode waiting for the night middepeche_​mode_​waiting_​for_​the_​night.mid 30KB 17-Nov-2009 22:31:00
dexys midnight runner come on eileen middexys_​midnight_​runner_​come_​on_​eileen.mid 87KB 17-Nov-2009 22:31:00
die prinzen alles nur geklaut middie_​prinzen_​alles_​nur_​geklaut.mid 70KB 17-Nov-2009 22:31:00
die prinzen du musst ein schwein sein middie_​prinzen_​du_​musst_​ein_​schwein_​sein.mid 45KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
die toten hosen 10 kleine jaegermeister middie_​toten_​hosen_​10_​kleine_​jaegermeister.mid 77KB 17-Nov-2009 22:31:00
die toten hosen hier kommt alex middie_​toten_​hosen_​hier_​kommt_​alex.mid 54KB 17-Nov-2009 22:31:00
dire straits brothers in arms middire_​straits_​brothers_​in_​arms.mid 47KB 17-Nov-2009 22:31:00
dire straits sultans of swing middire_​straits_​sultans_​of_​swing.mid 126KB 17-Nov-2009 22:31:00
dj dado x files remix middj_​dado_​x_​files_​remix.mid 113KB 17-Nov-2009 22:31:00
dj quicksilver bellissima middj_​quicksilver_​bellissima.mid 77KB 17-Nov-2009 22:31:00
doctor hook sylvias mother middoctor_​hook_​sylvias_​mother.mid 34KB 17-Nov-2009 22:31:00
donna summer on the radio middonna_​summer_​on_​the_​radio.mid 57KB 17-Nov-2009 22:31:00
dschinghis khan moskau middschinghis_​khan_​moskau.mid 115KB 17-Nov-2009 22:31:00
dune who wants to live forever middune_​who_​wants_​to_​live_​forever.mid 22KB 17-Nov-2009 22:31:00
easybeats friday on my mind mideasybeats_​friday_​on_​my_​mind.mid 61KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
edwyn collins a girl like you midedwyn_​collins_​a_​girl_​like_​you.mid 45KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
eiffel 65 move your body mideiffel_​65_​move_​your_​body.mid 33KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
eloy mutiny mideloy_​mutiny.mid 41KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
elo waterfall midelo_​waterfall.mid 25KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
elton john blessed midelton_​john_​blessed.mid 65KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
elvis presley my way midelvis_​presley_​my_​way.mid 30KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
elvis presley unchained melody midelvis_​presley_​unchained_​melody.mid 10KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
enigma mea culpa midenigma_​mea_​culpa.mid 32KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
enigma sadeness midenigma_​sadeness.mid 27KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
erasure always miderasure_​always.mid 44KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
erasure angel miderasure_​angel.mid 127KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
erasure miracle miderasure_​miracle.mid 74KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
erasure sometimes miderasure_​sometimes.mid 34KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
eric clapton tears in heaven mideric_​clapton_​tears_​in_​heaven.mid 47KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
eric clapton wonderful tonight mideric_​clapton_​wonderful_​tonight.mid 30KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
europe carrie mideurope_​carrie.mid 7KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
europe final countdown mideurope_​final_​countdown.mid 48KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
eurythmics sweet dreams mideurythmics_​sweet_​dreams.mid 51KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
faithless god is a dj midfaithless_​god_​is_​a_​dj.mid 30KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
faithless insomnia midfaithless_​insomnia.mid 41KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
falco jeanny midfalco_​jeanny.mid 54KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
fools garden lemon tree midfools_​garden_​lemon_​tree.mid 34KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
frank sinatra my way midfrank_​sinatra_​my_​way.mid 45KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
frank sinatra strangers in the night midfrank_​sinatra_​strangers_​in_​the_​night.mid 49KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
f r david words dont come easy midf_​r_​david_​words_​dont_​come_​easy.mid 49KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
gazebo i like chopin midgazebo_​i_​like_​chopin.mid 41KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
gheorghe zamfir the lonely shepherd midgheorghe_​zamfir_​the_​lonely_​shepherd.mid 49KB 26-Apr-2013 01:49:00
gigi d agostino ill fly with you midgigi_​d_​agostino_​ill_​fly_​with_​you.mid 50KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
gigi d agostino la passion midgigi_​d_​agostino_​la_​passion.mid 102KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
gigi d agostino the riddle midgigi_​d_​agostino_​the_​riddle.mid 31KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
guns n roses civil war midguns_​n_​roses_​civil_​war.mid 47KB 16-Feb-1998 19:19:00
guru josh infinity midguru_​josh_​infinity.mid 59KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
haddaway life midhaddaway_​life.mid 69KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
haddaway what is love midhaddaway_​what_​is_​love.mid 76KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
harpo movie star midharpo_​movie_​star.mid 58KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
herbert groenemeyer maenner midherbert_​groenemeyer_​maenner.mid 21KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
him join me midhim_​join_​me.mid 35KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
hot butter popcorn midhot_​butter_​popcorn.mid 30KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
ice mc its a rainy day midice_​mc_​its_​a_​rainy_​day.mid 80KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
infinity timeless midinfinity_​timeless.mid 60KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
interactive forever young midinteractive_​forever_​young.mid 56KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
in grid tu es foutu midin_​grid_​tu_​es_​foutu.mid 33KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
jean michel jarre chronologie 2 midjean_​michel_​jarre_​chronologie_​2.mid 52KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
jean michel jarre chronologie 3 midjean_​michel_​jarre_​chronologie_​3.mid 7KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
jean michel jarre chronologie 4 midjean_​michel_​jarre_​chronologie_​4.mid 69KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
jean michel jarre chronologie 6 midjean_​michel_​jarre_​chronologie_​6.mid 27KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
jean michel jarre equinoxe part 4 midjean_​michel_​jarre_​equinoxe_​part_​4.mid 70KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
jean michel jarre equinoxe part 5 midjean_​michel_​jarre_​equinoxe_​part_​5.mid 64KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
jean michel jarre last rendez vous midjean_​michel_​jarre_​last_​rendez_​vous.mid 12KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
jean michel jarre oxygene 7 midjean_​michel_​jarre_​oxygene_​7.mid 38KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
jean michel jarre oxygene 8 midjean_​michel_​jarre_​oxygene_​8.mid 78KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
jean michel jarre oxygene 13 midjean_​michel_​jarre_​oxygene_​13.mid 25KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
jean michel jarre second rendez vous midjean_​michel_​jarre_​second_​rendez_​vous.mid 61KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
jean michel jarre souvenir of china midjean_​michel_​jarre_​souvenir_​of_​china.mid 16KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
jimmy cliff i can see clearly now midjimmy_​cliff_​i_​can_​see_​clearly_​now.mid 54KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
joe cocker summer in the city midjoe_​cocker_​summer_​in_​the_​city.mid 55KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
john denver country roads midjohn_​denver_​country_​roads.mid 50KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
john leyton tell laura i love her midjohn_​leyton_​tell_​laura_​i_​love_​her.mid 34KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
joshua kadison jessie midjoshua_​kadison_​jessie.mid 61KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
kansas dust in the wind midkansas_​dust_​in_​the_​wind.mid 22KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
kool in the gang cherish midkool_​in_​the_​gang_​cherish.mid 30KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
kraftwerk computer love midkraftwerk_​computer_​love.mid 82KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
kraftwerk computer world 2 midkraftwerk_​computer_​world_​2.mid 56KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
kraftwerk das model midkraftwerk_​das_​model.mid 37KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
kraftwerk electric cafe midkraftwerk_​electric_​cafe.mid 45KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
kraftwerk franz schubert midkraftwerk_​franz_​schubert.mid 30KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
kraftwerk mensch maschine midkraftwerk_​mensch_​maschine.mid 67KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
kraftwerk neonlights midkraftwerk_​neonlights.mid 70KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
kraftwerk pocket calculator midkraftwerk_​pocket_​calculator.mid 112KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
kraftwerk radioactivity midkraftwerk_​radioactivity.mid 89KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
kraftwerk tour de france midkraftwerk_​tour_​de_​france.mid 108KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
kylie minogue cant get you out of my head midkylie_​minogue_​cant_​get_​you_​out_​of_​my_​head.mid 98KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
las ketchup the ketchup song midlas_​ketchup_​the_​ketchup_​song.mid 61KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
liquido narcrotic midliquido_​narcrotic.mid 74KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
louis armstrong wonderful world midlouis_​armstrong_​wonderful_​world.mid 13KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
madonna this used to be my playground midmadonna_​this_​used_​to_​be_​my_​playground.mid 25KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
manu chao bongo bong midmanu_​chao_​bongo_​bong.mid 51KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
marc almond the days of pearly spencer midmarc_​almond_​the_​days_​of_​pearly_​spencer.mid 39KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
marc almond yesterday when i was young midmarc_​almond_​yesterday_​when_​i_​was_​young.mid 27KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
mariah carey hero midmariah_​carey_​hero.mid 16KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
mariane rosenberg er gehoert zu mir midmariane_​rosenberg_​er_​gehoert_​zu_​mir.mid 24KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
marillion kayleigh midmarillion_​kayleigh.mid 36KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
mark oh tears dont lie midmark_​oh_​tears_​dont_​lie.mid 49KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
marusha somewhere over the rainbow midmarusha_​somewhere_​over_​the_​rainbow.mid 56KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
mary hopkin those were the days midmary_​hopkin_​those_​were_​the_​days.mid 27KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
melanie c i turn to you midmelanie_​c_​i_​turn_​to_​you.mid 46KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
metallica nothing else matters midmetallica_​nothing_​else_​matters.mid 23KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
michael andrews mad world midmichael_​andrews_​mad_​world.mid 7KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
mike and the mechanics in the living years midmike_​and_​the_​mechanics_​in_​the_​living_​years.mid 63KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
mike oldfield early stages midmike_​oldfield_​early_​stages.mid 60KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
mike oldfield etude midmike_​oldfield_​etude.mid 24KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
mike oldfield moonlight shadow midmike_​oldfield_​moonlight_​shadow.mid 54KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
mike oldfield poison arrows midmike_​oldfield_​poison_​arrows.mid 51KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
mike oldfield the voyager midmike_​oldfield_​the_​voyager.mid 35KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
mikis theodorakis zorbas dance midmikis_​theodorakis_​zorbas_​dance.mid 57KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
moby alone midmoby_​alone.mid 120KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
moby hymn midmoby_​hymn.mid 37KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
moby natural blues midmoby_​natural_​blues.mid 59KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
moby porcelain midmoby_​porcelain.mid 35KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
moby why does my heart feel so bad midmoby_​why_​does_​my_​heart_​feel_​so_​bad.mid 78KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
modern talking atlantis is calling midmodern_​talking_​atlantis_​is_​calling.mid 109KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
modern talking do you wanna midmodern_​talking_​do_​you_​wanna.mid 51KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
modern talking youre my heart youre my soul midmodern_​talking_​youre_​my_​heart_​youre_​my_​soul.mid 30KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
nek laura non ce midnek_​laura_​non_​ce.mid 83KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
nena 99 luftballons midnena_​99_​luftballons.mid 59KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
new order true faith midnew_​order_​true_​faith.mid 38KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
nirvana lithium midnirvana_​lithium.mid 19KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
nirvana smells like teen spirit midnirvana_​smells_​like_​teen_​spirit.mid 68KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
no doubt dont speak midno_​doubt_​dont_​speak.mid 74KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
no mercy when i die midno_​mercy_​when_​i_​die.mid 29KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
no mercy where do you go midno_​mercy_​where_​do_​you_​go.mid 82KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
oasis dont look back in anger midoasis_​dont_​look_​back_​in_​anger.mid 54KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
offspring self esteem midoffspring_​self_​esteem.mid 73KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
omd enola gay midomd_​enola_​gay.mid 28KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
omd maid of orleans midomd_​maid_​of_​orleans.mid 25KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
ozzy osbourne dreamer midozzy_​osbourne_​dreamer.mid 46KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
o zone dragostea din tei mido_​zone_​dragostea_​din_​tei.mid 59KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
paul de senneville ballade pour adeline midpaul_​de_​senneville_​ballade_​pour_​adeline.mid 27KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
paul van dyk avenue midpaul_​van_​dyk_​avenue.mid 17KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
paul van dyk for an angel midpaul_​van_​dyk_​for_​an_​angel.mid 68KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
peter schilling major tom midpeter_​schilling_​major_​tom.mid 59KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
pet shop boys being boring midpet_​shop_​boys_​being_​boring.mid 55KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
pet shop boys can you forgive her midpet_​shop_​boys_​can_​you_​forgive_​her.mid 51KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
pet shop boys go west midpet_​shop_​boys_​go_​west.mid 74KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
pet shop boys its a sin midpet_​shop_​boys_​its_​a_​sin.mid 79KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
pet shop boys i wouldnt normally do this kind of thing midpet_​shop_​boys_​i_​wouldnt_​normally_​do_​this_​kind_​of_​thing.mid 37KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
pet shop boys liberation midpet_​shop_​boys_​liberation.mid 102KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
pet shop boys rent midpet_​shop_​boys_​rent.mid 54KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
pet shop boys to speak is a sin midpet_​shop_​boys_​to_​speak_​is_​a_​sin.mid 34KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
pet shop boys yesterday when i was mad midpet_​shop_​boys_​yesterday_​when_​i_​was_​mad.mid 52KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
phil collins groovy kind of love midphil_​collins_​groovy_​kind_​of_​love.mid 21KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
pink floyd another brick in the wall midpink_​floyd_​another_​brick_​in_​the_​wall.mid 74KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
pink floyd is there anybody out there midpink_​floyd_​is_​there_​anybody_​out_​there.mid 5KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
pointer sisters im so excited midpointer_​sisters_​im_​so_​excited.mid 53KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
police every breath you take midpolice_​every_​breath_​you_​take.mid 52KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
police roxanne midpolice_​roxanne.mid 39KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
ppk resurection midppk_​resurection.mid 32KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
procol harum a whiter shade of pale midprocol_​harum_​a_​whiter_​shade_​of_​pale.mid 32KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
pulp ansaphone midpulp_​ansaphone.mid 37KB 17-Nov-2009 22:35:00
pulp common people midpulp_​common_​people.mid 78KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
pulp disco 2000 midpulp_​disco_​2000.mid 56KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
pulp the fear midpulp_​the_​fear.mid 32KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
queen the show must go on midqueen_​the_​show_​must_​go_​on.mid 44KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
queen we are the champions midqueen_​we_​are_​the_​champions.mid 38KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
reamonn supergirl midreamonn_​supergirl.mid 43KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
reinhard mey ueber den wolken midreinhard_​mey_​ueber_​den_​wolken.mid 73KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
rem everybody hurts midrem_​everybody_​hurts.mid 32KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
rem imitation of life midrem_​imitation_​of_​life.mid 90KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
rem losing my religion midrem_​losing_​my_​religion.mid 52KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
rem man on the moon midrem_​man_​on_​the_​moon.mid 102KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
rem night swimming midrem_​night_​swimming.mid 17KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
rem shiny happy people midrem_​shiny_​happy_​people.mid 32KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
richard sanderson reality midrichard_​sanderson_​reality.mid 26KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
rmb shadows midrmb_​shadows.mid 56KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
robbie williams supreme midrobbie_​williams_​supreme.mid 86KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
robert miles children midrobert_​miles_​children.mid 97KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
robert miles fable midrobert_​miles_​fable.mid 46KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
robert miles freedom midrobert_​miles_​freedom.mid 68KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
robert miles landscape midrobert_​miles_​landscape.mid 65KB 17-Nov-2009 22:33:00
robert miles one and one midrobert_​miles_​one_​and_​one.mid 39KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
robin gibb juliet midrobin_​gibb_​juliet.mid 54KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
rolling stones angie midrolling_​stones_​angie.mid 44KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
rolling stones anybody seen my baby midrolling_​stones_​anybody_​seen_​my_​baby.mid 40KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
rolling stones paint it black midrolling_​stones_​paint_​it_​black.mid 28KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
ronan keating if tomorrow never comes midronan_​keating_​if_​tomorrow_​never_​comes.mid 57KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
roy black and anita schoen ist es auf der welt zu sein midroy_​black_​and_​anita_​schoen_​ist_​es_​auf_​der_​welt_​zu_​sein.mid 55KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
rubettes sugar baby love midrubettes_​sugar_​baby_​love.mid 60KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
santana europa midsantana_​europa.mid 25KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
scooter break it up midscooter_​break_​it_​up.mid 48KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
scooter friends midscooter_​friends.mid 50KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
scorpions send me an angel midscorpions_​send_​me_​an_​angel.mid 24KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
scorpions still loving you midscorpions_​still_​loving_​you.mid 27KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
scorpions wind of change midscorpions_​wind_​of_​change.mid 62KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
scott mc kenzie san francisco midscott_​mc_​kenzie_​san_​francisco.mid 62KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
simon and garfunkel el condor pasa midsimon_​and_​garfunkel_​el_​condor_​pasa.mid 22KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
simon and garfunkel mrs robinson midsimon_​and_​garfunkel_​mrs_​robinson.mid 64KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
simon and garfunkel the boxer midsimon_​and_​garfunkel_​the_​boxer.mid 39KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
simon and garfunkel the sound of silence midsimon_​and_​garfunkel_​the_​sound_​of_​silence.mid 41KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
sinead oconnor nothing compares to you midsinead_​oconnor_​nothing_​compares_​to_​you.mid 32KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
sisters of mercy driven midsisters_​of_​mercy_​driven.mid 64KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
sisters of mercy temple of love midsisters_​of_​mercy_​temple_​of_​love.mid 66KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
skeeter davis end of the world midskeeter_​davis_​end_​of_​the_​world.mid 46KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
snap rhythm is a dancer midsnap_​rhythm_​is_​a_​dancer.mid 43KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
sniff n the tears drivers seat midsniff_​n_​the_​tears_​drivers_​seat.mid 135KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
soul asylum runaway train midsoul_​asylum_​runaway_​train.mid 46KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
southern boys who the fuck is alice midsouthern_​boys_​who_​the_​fuck_​is_​alice.mid 39KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
sparks my way midsparks_​my_​way.mid 54KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
spice girls viva forever midspice_​girls_​viva_​forever.mid 73KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
status quo in the army now midstatus_​quo_​in_​the_​army_​now.mid 63KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
stratovarius hunting high and low midstratovarius_​hunting_​high_​and_​low.mid 27KB 05-Mar-2020 02:15:00
stratovarius when the night meets the day midstratovarius_​when_​the_​night_​meets_​the_​day.mid 26KB 05-Mar-2020 02:13:00
sunbeam outside world midsunbeam_​outside_​world.mid 10KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
supertramp dreamer midsupertramp_​dreamer.mid 85KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
supertramp logical song midsupertramp_​logical_​song.mid 44KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
supertramp take the long way home midsupertramp_​take_​the_​long_​way_​home.mid 54KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
talk talk such a shame midtalk_​talk_​such_​a_​shame.mid 85KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
tasmin archer sleeping satellite midtasmin_​archer_​sleeping_​satellite.mid 69KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
the beloved sweet harmony midthe_​beloved_​sweet_​harmony.mid 60KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
the buggles video killed the radio star midthe_​buggles_​video_​killed_​the_​radio_​star.mid 55KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
the cure lullaby midthe_​cure_​lullaby.mid 22KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
the doors crystal ship midthe_​doors_​crystal_​ship.mid 16KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
the doors light my fire midthe_​doors_​light_​my_​fire.mid 43KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
the doors riders on the storm midthe_​doors_​riders_​on_​the_​storm.mid 41KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
the eagles hotel california midthe_​eagles_​hotel_​california.mid 75KB 04-Sep-2014 17:14:00
the fortunes seasons in the sun midthe_​fortunes_​seasons_​in_​the_​sun.mid 39KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
the verve bittersweet symphony midthe_​verve_​bittersweet_​symphony.mid 52KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
the verve the drugs dont work midthe_​verve_​the_​drugs_​dont_​work.mid 35KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
toto hold the line midtoto_​hold_​the_​line.mid 83KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
train drops of jupiter midtrain_​drops_​of_​jupiter.mid 50KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
travis sing midtravis_​sing.mid 62KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
truck stop take it easy altes haus midtruck_​stop_​take_​it_​easy_​altes_​haus.mid 29KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
u2 with or without you midu2_​with_​or_​without_​you.mid 68KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
u96 club bizarre midu96_​club_​bizarre.mid 36KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
u96 inside your dream midu96_​inside_​your_​dream.mid 61KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
u96 love religion midu96_​love_​religion.mid 45KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
udo juergens ehrenwertes haus midudo_​juergens_​ehrenwertes_​haus.mid 43KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
udo juergens griechischer wein midudo_​juergens_​griechischer_​wein.mid 28KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
udo juergens ich war noch niemals in new york midudo_​juergens_​ich_​war_​noch_​niemals_​in_​new_​york.mid 65KB 17-Nov-2009 22:32:00
uriah heep lady in black miduriah_​heep_​lady_​in_​black.mid 94KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
vangelis antarctica midvangelis_​antarctica.mid 51KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
visage fade to grey midvisage_​fade_​to_​grey.mid 29KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
westernhagen freiheit midwesternhagen_​freiheit.mid 11KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
wet wet wet love is all around midwet_​wet_​wet_​love_​is_​all_​around.mid 58KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
wham last christmas midwham_​last_​christmas.mid 52KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
white lion when the children cry midwhite_​lion_​when_​the_​children_​cry.mid 24KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
whitney houston i will always love you midwhitney_​houston_​i_​will_​always_​love_​you.mid 20KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
x perience a neverending dream midx_​perience_​a_​neverending_​dream.mid 88KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
zager and evans in the year 2525 midzager_​and_​evans_​in_​the_​year_​2525.mid 55KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
zbg dream mix midzbg_​dream_​mix.mid 41KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
zombie nation kernkraft 400 midzombie_​nation_​kernkraft_​400.mid 39KB 17-Nov-2009 22:34:00
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